Windows 8.1 incorporates many suggestions from users

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Windows 8.1 incorporates many suggestions from users

Since Windows 8 was released, Microsoft has released more than 800 updates. Windows 8.1 incorporates many suggestions from users, such as the return of the Start Button and direct launch on the Desktop. A new Internet Explorer, SkyDrive mode, also debuts. offline, and much more.

Windows 8.1 is the first major update of Windows 8. It is not a Service Pack in the style of what we are used to with Windows 7 and earlier. It’s a full-blown update that changes the deepest roots of the operating system. If you are curious, you can now download the Windows 8.1 Preview version from Microsoft’s official website. We teach you how to do it.

If you do not have Windows 8 or you prefer to wait for the final version of Windows 8.1 , we will tell you all the news that it incorporates.

The Home Button and Boot Back on the Desktop! Indeed, with Windows 8.1 you will see the classic Start button that gives you access to the installed programs, the search engine, the settings and the main tools. It also offers the ability to boot directly to the Desktop instead of the Start Screen with apps.

Windows 8.1

New Lock Screen. At last it is possible to customize the opening screen of the system with new widgets, including a photo frame, and options to customize backgrounds, colors, icons, etc. It will also accept animated backgrounds.

More customizable Home screen. New sizes of app icons, with higher resolutions, to take advantage of the new 7-inch Surface tablets to the largest PC monitors. New options to click webs, people and documents on the Home Screen and show updates instantly. More keyboard and mouse options have also been added to make Windows 8.1 PC use more user-friendly. With grouping functions of apps to customize them at the same time.

Improved desktop Windows 8.1

You can choose the functions that are activated when you move the mouse to the corners. Nothing prevents you from removing the dynamic search engine that so many times is accidentally activated when you move around the Desktop. By going to the Start Screen from the Desktop, the Taskbar is preserved so that you can return to the programs you have open instantly.

SkyDrive integrated and offline. Now Microsoft’s cloud storage system, SkyDrive, is integrated into the system so that you can use it from any program, even offline.

New Internet Explorer 11. With new features like full-screen tabbed browsing, dynamic updating of your favorite websites on the Home Screen, and much more. Here we tell you in more depth.

Integrated search. Now, a single search will allow you to find results on your PC, on the Internet, in documents or in apps. With an intelligent system that adds aggregate information. For example, if you are looking for information about Paris, in addition to the main monuments it offers you the weather and cultural events. If you are looking for songs or videos, it launches them with one click.

Windows Store reinvents itself. The interface changes completely to make it easier to find apps. Now it recommends programs according to your tastes and the apps you already have. And you can send apps as gifts to other people.  Dozens of new apps will be released with  Windows 8.1. According to Microsoft, ” all the important ones that are available for Android and for iPad “.

New Xbox Music, also on PC. Access millions of songs and listen to them in “streaming”, or download them. You want to know more?

Automatic update of apps. No more updating programs by hand. Now the updates of the apps will be loaded automatically in the background.

Parallel apps

You can place up to 4 apps on the screen, side by side, and use all four at the same time. Drag to move content from one to another.

New device support. Dozens of new drivers have been added to offer compatibility with the latest peripherals on the market, such as 3D printers or the new Bluetooth 4.0 LE standard.

Universal Microsoft account. The account you associate with Windows 8.1 saves your settings for the Lock and Home screens, your apps, contacts, browsing history, or favorite websites, and allows you to use them on any PC or device, from the web browser or SkyDrive.

Improved Mail App. Now you have a People view to see the news of the people you care about, you can manage multiple accounts at the same time and discard mail even before downloading it. Communicates better with the Calendar app.

New Contacts app. In addition to saving the emails of your acquaintances, it shows you their updates on Facebook and Twitter, and you can contact them by Skype.

New Reading List app. Save your searches and webs to read them calmly later.

Photo and video updates. The new multimedia apps have been completely remodeled. For example, it is now possible to take photos while recording a video. In cameras that support it, an image is automatically saved one second before and one second after taking it, so you can choose the best one. No more photos where someone comes out with their eyes closed! With new options to share on social networks without leaving the photo retouching app.

Improved Bing App. With more customization options and better integration of the sections of News, Finance, Sports, etc. If you want, you can keep track of your favorite team.

Improved Paint App. The new Paint now has many more tools and features for freehand drawing.

Other System Apps.  Food and Drink, Health and Fitness, etc.

Improvements in the professional environment. New tools to connect devices safely, new levels of encryption, multi-monitor functions, and other updates.

As you can see, Windows 8.1 is much more than just an update. It’s a complete overhaul of the system. The final version will be available for free this fall.


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